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Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades
You may have invested in beautiful rugs in your living or sleeping areas. But soon dust and dirt start accumulating. Large rugs are like carpets. They need to be vacuumed thoroughly. Small rugs can be taken to outside, beaten and shaken to remove dust.  We decide on the quantum of cleaning to be done by assessing the state of the rugs.

You may try to clean a rug on your own, but rug cleaning is not for an amateurs and you need professional Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades help like ours to maintain it in top condition. We at Steam Clean Professional Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades will get rid of grime and dirt and mites which are residing stubbornly inside your rugs. At the same time, we take care not to damage the fibres of the rugs so they don’t lose their warmth and texture. Did you know that this may void your rug’s warranty? This is why we use the best equipment and safe organic products on your rugs.


Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades

We consult care labels of small rugs whether they need to be laundered, spot cleaned or dry cleaned.  A rug may not be color fast if it carries a Dry Cleaning only label. We generally do a test before spot cleaning. We machine wash a rug that carries the label for machine washing. To reduce the chance of long fringe tangling, we divide it into several hanks and tie each with string.

Our experts recommend that you must conduct deep cleaning of Area Rugs every 12 months. Dry cleaning is an option for small to medium size rugs. Sometimes, we find pet hair remaining on rugs even after cleaning, which we remove by scrubbing using a stiff brush.

Steam Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning

We are the best bet for Rug Cleaning Pacific Palisades area. If you need immediate, urgent cleaning or regular, periodic cleaning, feel free to contact us. We at Steam Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning are just a single call away. Our highly trained professional team along with their hi-tech equipment will clean your rugs in a jiffy and ensure that they last long.

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