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Pet Odor Control Cleaning

Fresh air in your home depends on many factors.  Who wouldn’t like entering a home that smells of lavender, white clover, apple pie or baby powder. We at Steam Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning will provide comprehensive services so that your home smells more of these fragrances than pet odour.

You can, of course, reduce the pet odors in your home by regularly bathing and grooming your pets. But in spite of your efforts, some odor will remain like stubborn pet hair caught in the fibers of your carpet.

Steam Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning

First we try to locate the cause of pet odor. For instance, your pet might be used to relieving itself in some corner of your home. But things may not be so simple.

You should get your carpets professionally cleaned. We hang an odor absorbing product near the source of the pet odor. We recommend that you wash the bedding of your pet more regularly. If you so wish, we will be happy to do this for you.

Pet odor control Pacific Palisades

We install an aerosol dispensing system, which freshen the air with a scent that you like. You can call us if you have a persistent pet odor problem and do not know how to deal with it. look really trying to make you dog smell better can definitely help but a quick fix of covering up the odor with a scent is not a long term solution. See the damage is already done! things you cant even see … we recommend you at least once a year do a thorough Pet Odor Control professional removal.

For pet odor accidents, we use special cleaning agents that contain organic ingredients, which do a permanent neutralization of pet odors so that the pets do not return to the spot to soil it again. Pet odor control can also involve cleaning of carpets and upholstery. You cannot solve the problem with soap and water.

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