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Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades CA
Everyone wishes that their home stays clean and sparkling, but the reality is not many are willing and able to maintain their homes in top condition. Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades CA is a company that offers extensive cleaning services for your home and offices. We have an exceedingly trained professional team of experts to look after all your cleaning needs.

We undertake cleaning works like carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and pet odour control. We declare an all out war against dirt and grime, the number one enemies of a clean home. With our hi-tech equipment and nontoxic-carpet-cleaning methods, we coax out the most stubborn dirt and stains from all corners and crevices.

Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades CA

Carpets add to the comfort and beauty of your home. However, maintaining carpets in a clean condition is no child’s play. When carpets get stained and damaged due to heavy traffic, you may regret the decision to ever get your floors carpeted.

Experts recommend regular and periodic cleaning of carpets. We at Steam Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades CA provide professional services for carpet cleaning.  We not only get rid of the dirt and grime, but also take steps to ensure the longevity of carpets

We set benchmarks in the quality of our Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades CA services. Our clients are more than pleased with our services. Evidence is that most return to us with repeated orders for cleaning.

RUG CLEANING Pacific Palisades CA

Like carpets, large rugs need to be cleaned and vacuumed regularly.  A reversible rug needs to be cleaned on both sides.  This is needed to get rid of dirt and grime that can cause premature wearing out of your rug. We offer a service of thorough and careful cleaning of rugs in your home.

Care is taken that fringes of your rug are not damaged by vacuuming. We use a stiff brush to get rid of pet hair that clings stubbornly to your rug. If the rug is small, we clean it by shaking and beating it vigorously in an outside space.


Many home owners spend a fortune on upholstery. But heavy traffic of guests, kids and pets wreak havoc on your upholstery. Food crumbs, stains, dirt and bacteria are the main enemies of upholstery. We provide you with fresh upholstery cleaning that adds to the longevity of your furniture and makes the atmosphere safe and healthy for your kids.

PET ODOUR CONTROL Pacific Palisades CA

Most people with allergies have an issue with pet odours. You need to get rid of pet dander, fur and pet odour. Sometimes pet odour can cause eye burning problem, and, therefore, require urgent attention.   We provide extensive treatment of pet odours so that your home smells fresh and clean.


You can call us for your dirt and grime problems before they turn into a major disaster. We are ready o serve your dirt busting needs and are just a call away.   We are surely one of the best in the Pacific Palisades area. We at Steam Clean Professional Carpet Cleaning provide reliable, affordable and high quality services. Call us now and save on all Carpet Cleaning Pacific Palisades CA services.

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